Oh hey, World! Ok, so here we go…

Ah, ok! Here goes…

Evening one and all, Steph here.

Blogging. One single word, but an absolute shed-load of possibilities. Where do you even begin when writing one of these things?

Oh hey, World!

I used to blog way back when I first left Uni; it gave me a means to write, but without the worry of trying to construct something that was a whole, complete and finished product, like a book. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing more that I would like than to write a novel. I am a firm believer in the notion that within each person, there is a book waiting to be crafted and for a story to be told. But I haven’t discovered mine yet. There was a time when the prospect of having others read my musings, let alone a book, filled me with complete and utter horror; the mere mention of it made me like a deer caught in headlights. Damn. What if I run out of things to say? What if my life is ripped apart by some keyboard warrior on the internet? What if people think I’m shit? Maybe I swear too much for a blogger? Because of numerous reasons back then, both personal and professional, I hit a low-point. Sharing my thoughts didn’t feel right, writing didn’t feel fun and sometimes even felt forced. The blogging ceased.

Fast forward 5 years and that want I had for writing has come back, like hunger pains the day after a night out (you know, like the kinda days when you just wanna eat. Alllllllaaaa the time). Alex and I came up with the concept of Carus Creative because although we’re teachers of our passions, English and Art, we knew that we wanted to engage with the world, to add something to it, to create. Carus Creative itself combines our passions; we put our twist on a few of Literature’s favourites, as well as a few snippets of life, and hopefully bring them to people and help brighten their day.

‘When making these prints, why don’t we create a social media presence to go alongside it? Twitter, an Instagram account, a Pinterest profile, even a blog? You know, to show our inspiration and for all the designs we have and the shows, exhibitions and events we go to?’

Tadahhhh! Our idea was born. I was back.

As a teacher, I analyse writers and their work on a daily basis- it’s my bread and butter. (You’re thinking about bread now, aren’t you? Me too, my friend, me too). Anywho, since embarking on this venture with Alex, I realised just how much I missed writing; I missed looking at the world the way one does when crafting and creating a text. I know we all look at the world, but when you write you really look at the world, at society and at yourself. Plus, I love a chat, don’t I, eh? Blogging allows me to have a conversation with anyone who might lend me their proverbial ear, so to speak.

The beauty of a blog is that it is a diary: ever- changing, ever developing, ever-evolving. But even as I sit down to write this now though, those negative perceptions I have often heard said by others came a’creepin’ in…‘Who’s going to read about my little life?’ ‘Isn’t blogging for people who are self-involved or vain?’, ‘What’s the point?’, ‘What if people don’t like my style of writing?’ Maybe no one, maybe everyone. No. The point is this: blogging is for anyone and everyone who has something to say. Screw it, write anyway.

Once I sat down and thought about if I would blog, I needed to think about what I would write about. Easy: I would write a lifestyle blog on behalf of both of us; it will be about our life as two sisters who love creating these prints, love being culture vultures, love learning, love exploring, love travel and love people. Et Voilá!

Then, I had to think about what I would call it.

*Mind blank*


We knew we wanted something that acknowledged Carus Creative, but that also illustrated what else we love. We wanted a blog that summarised our life but didn’t feel cliché, twee or make us feel like want to gag everytime we said it aloud. We wanted to write about what life as tutors, creators and as students was like, to give a little nod to our love of The Arts, the pride we feel for our northern, country-girl roots, the importance of literature, of humour, of

style, of design and of nature in our lives, as well as the obsession we have with good food (yeah, I’m still thinking about bread). We then wanted to include how we shared all of that with those we care about the most: our family and friends.

  IMG_5560 IMG_5581

So, here it is: we give you ‘Red Rose, White Page’. Maybe you’ll continue to read it, maybe you’ll decide it’s not the blog for you and move on after one post, and that’s ok. Whatever you decide, the beauty of the internet is that somewhere out there is someone just like us, writing and, hopefully, entertaining someone just like you. The beauty of the internet is also that with the click of a mouse you can find the answer to any question, such as, ‘I wonder if a dog has ever testified in court?’ Seriously, check it out, thank me later.

So this little blog is here for your perusal, should you wish to read a little about our extraordinary, ordinary lives.



Steph and Alex xX*