Roald Dahl Day

Danny, Champion of the World, Fantastic Mr Fox, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, Boy, Witches, Matilda…Like most people walking this earth, I have read, loved and cherished stories told by the wonderful Roald Dahl.

Timeless; his characters are ordinary and extraordinary, all at once. The circumstances they find themselves are both heartbreaking and hilarious and we, the reader, laugh, cry and learn with them.



Today, September 13th, marks Roald Dahl’s birthday. Reading Dahl’s work, you can see his adoration of the imagination, as well of his love of children’s enthusiasm. His books are a platform which demonstrate that, no matter what hardships one might find themselves in, friendship, love and a little creative thinking can help overcome life’s testing trials.




Whether you’re a teacher, a parent or just a lover of literature, please use today as a opportunity to remind yourself of the beauty of childhood, friendship and fun. Use it as a chance to read either on your own, reminisce about memories from your own childhood share these tales with your children and enthuse them in the same way.






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