Got game?

Now, it is not my intention to offend and I know country pursuits, conservation and farming is an area that does not sit well with everyone. If you live in a city because you hate the country or if you are vegetarian, vegan or don’t approve of animals being farmed for consumption in any way, then I would expect that this post would not interest you and understand if you want to skip past.

However, for those of us whose family’s livelihoods are intrinsically linked with or even dependent upon farming or conservation, events like these are a regular focus of weekend calendars. Therefore as I completely respect people’s rights to not agree with what I believe, I would appreciate it if in turn, you could respect that as this is a blog for my life and a place for me to empty my thoughts; I wish to be able to discuss my views, my personal experiences and my upbringing with those who might share an interest in the same area.


To us country folk, attending Game Fairs are themselves a common af-fair (see what I did there?) They’re a time of networking, trying your hand at new skills and practising old ones, all the while supporting the local community.

IMG_2049This weekend, it was the turn of the first annual Lancashire Game Show, at Scorton.

Days spent walking around fields, looking for the latest and greatest in the world of country pursuits and conservation, whilst also trying local produce and culinary delights. Not to mention that there are many a good dog and horse show for animal lovers, art stalls showcasing local artists’ work as well as racks full of  clothes to get the crowds kitted out for the upcoming season, as well as helping us to get suited and booted, often at reduced prices for. Plus, do you need another incentive to buy fine wool, heritage tweed or supple leather goods?

I’ll be honest, a highlight of mine is usually the food vendors and foodie tent. I take a real genuine interest in where my food comes from and how it is produced, thanks to my parents who always made sure that whatever we ate, it was farmed ethically, fair and in the case of meat, was treated with the upmost respect.

Cheeses, meats, fish and bread fill one corner, causing many a deep debate about how it was best produced, whilst the pride of local breweries fill another, causing the debates to become more…interesting…


Amongst all of this, plenty of sweet treats are dotted around, naturally they are usually the first to catch my eye. Buttery fudge, artisan ice cream, hand-finished chocolates and ornate cakes bring a friendly air of fun and frivolity to the tent.




We walked around, chatting to well-known friendly faces and discussing best practice with new ones, before walking to watch the gun dog show. There really is nothing quite like the bond between man and dog, is there? I could watch them all day.

Tweed, food and dogs- three ingredients that help to make my perfect day out.

If there is a Game Fair near you and you feel particularly curious one day, please go out and pay it a visit. Without your support, local communities, businesses and farmers cannot thrive, and so we risk losing a huge part of our great country’s heritage.

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