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Don’t let that recent spell of sunshine fool you, we’re in month no.10- Autumn is well and truly upon us!

As a general, I much prefer A/W fashion over S/S: the materials are sumptuous layers of buttery leather, furs, wool and cashmere; the colours are forest greens, hues of midnight blues, oxblood reds, neutral palettes of grey, white and taupe and, of course, black (hand on heart, I would take a guesstimate that roughly 65% of my clothes would be categorised as ‘black’. And we all know a colour-coordinated wardrobe never lies). I love bundling myself up and venturing out in to the great outdoors.

Although they often get a bad rep, Autumn nights are divine, don’t you think? In fact, I would say that most evenings, if I’m not doing work, I tend to be walking around either the woods/ walls (depending on if I’m in Lancs or Chester) or seeking solace curled up with a good book. I adore this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, Summertime = playtime for me. But after a summer of light salads, road trips and ‘meet me after work’ drinks, I am more than ready for comfort food, dark lipsticks and nights with my baes.

Because I LOVE our different seasons (except February. February is the new January), I thought I would start developing the ‘Monday Inspo’ posts (I know I missed last week, SORRY! I have been bed-bound and not too well) and will being putting little ‘This Month’s Loves’ collections together. Again, I am not claiming that any of this is going to be ‘groundbreaking’, it’s simply a collection of images that have caught my beady eye whilst I have been out and about recently. And why shouldn’t nature, art and architecture feed in to my fashion inspo? The colours, the movements, the lighting, the shapes, the textures and the street life all sum up my October mood. Not to mention, it inherently all serves to inspire us for future work.

Whilst in this post there are many images that simply serve as inspiration for outfits I will put together, make up looks I will try and interior tweaks I will test out, there are a few items that I have been lusting over recently so I thought I would chat the a little about them too.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 19.44.24

Alex Monroe, Stella McCartney. Net a Porter.com

 Alex Monroe Floral Fayre Necklace- I have always LOVED Alex Monroe jewellery. Whilst I am usually found with many oversized, gypsy rings, I will always admire the amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes in to pieces of his such as this.

Stella McCartney Faux Fur Coat- I saw this on Rosie from The Londoner (if you haven’t been addicted to her blog, then I ask you:’WHY?!’ I really think she has reset the mould of the ‘Lifestyle’ blog. Plus, she loves food and it’s a genuine passion, not a fake ‘pose with this desert so I can Instagram it before throwing it away’ kinda thing- a genuine love of good food. Which I like). The way that this caught the light just showed how beautiful the movement of the fur is and it just screams ‘A/W staple’.

The staircase at Whitworth Hall, University of Manchester. I walk through this building pretty much every time I am at uni and each time I do, I am mesmerised by the way in which the light constantly changes how it illuminates the space. If you’re ever in Manchester, take a look around you and admire some of the stonework, especially down Deansgate/ St Anne’s Sq/ King St area. It’s honestly really quite gorgeous to look at.

Burberry Kisses in Oxblood No.97. Moisturising, hard-wearing and mess-free, it is an absolute A/W go-to. Besides, I can go crazy with the lippy again now I have my braces off (yes, that’s right, I was a 27 professional with braces. Kinda like Miranda in SATC, except I decided forgo my image and stuck with them for 18 months. It’s a long story, but safe to say it was all worth it).

My Dubarry boots are pretty much glued to my feet at this time of year. They’re the best piece of footwear I have ever purchased: warm, timelessly stylish and practical, they were worth the investment. I’m also wearing a William and Son jacket I bought myself at this year’s CLA Gamefair. Despite my best efforts, there is not one on the website that I can find to show you or give a link for. Sorry! However, W&S is renowned for their quality and durability, especially if I wanted to wear the jacket for shooting. I don’t, I want to keep it as a relatively smart coat (the moors don’t really take any prisoners, as far as clothing is concerned). So, it’s another staple piece well-worth the investment if you live in the countryside.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 19.44.14

Pinterest, AQAQ.


Most of the above images are a collection of shapes, colours, and textures that I am loving at this time of year. Early autumn seems to bring a vibrancy out in nature. The winter sun shows the world in a rich light, whilst accentuating the contrasting differing shades, shadows and textures. For example, notice how the moss stands out against a stone wall, or the golden autumn leaves illuminate the pavement on the way to work. I know, I know, I sound ridiculously geeky… but I really do love looking around at this time of year and just taking it all in.

Each winter I buy a new coat and this year, I thought I would try and source out the perfect little grey number. I don’t do this because I am obsessed with buying new things, but simply because I adore good outerwear. Living in the North of England all my life, nay, on the Pennines nonetheless, it is often only outerwear which is seen. Gotta make sure that ‘ish is right then, eh? What I love about this particular one is the wide collar it has. All the better for bundling and cocooning with, my dear.

I know they have a bad rep for being ‘tacky’, but I love a white dress. In fact, I probably own as many LWDs as I do LBDs! The reason for this is probably because I just think that if you choose your material and fit carefully, they look so neat, crisp and effortless. Despite being polyester, this AQAQ dress fits that description and is my latest obsession. It sits in all the right places and looks so simple and yet makes such a statement. It’s feminine without showing too much skin.  Match it with a dark lip for the colder months et voilà! Again, another perfect find for winter gatherings.


Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 19.44.06

Pinterest, Instagram, The Londoner.


My latest culinary obsession is the easy, simple and guilt-free courgetti. Often when I want to eat pasta, it’s more about the fact that I want the warming comfort of the rich sauces. Make no mistake, there are some instances when you cannot beat the real mccoy, but for the mid-week supper nights when you want the flavour without the bloated after-effects, this variant is absolutely perfect. Again, using those food which are seasonal and best at this time of year, I thought I would give this Pumkpin and Sage version from The Londoner a go soon (I told you I was obsessed with her!) Plus, anything with goats’ cheese is a winner with me.

The image taken of the ruins of the water tower was taken on a walk over the weekend around Chester city walls. I walk the walls (not intended to signify some sort of breakdown, don’t fret) a couple of times a week. Not only is it a glorious view from wherever you stand, walking the walls also gives me a bit of breathing space from research and allows me to see things a bit clearer so I can come back with an open mind, fully refreshed. There are so many different aspects to Chester’s heritage, many of which are able to be spotted on this one little walk- from the historic Roman amphitheatre, to the picturesque River Dee- it really is something unique. The entire stroll will take about 40 minutes, not including time spent stopping off to read the plaques en route or admiring the clock on Eastgate. Definitely worth a potter if you’re new to Chester or visiting the area.

Any images I haven’t discussed are found through Instagram or Pinterest and serve the purpose of being on my mood board for inspiration for A/W style. NB * If you recognise any, please let me know *



PS: The first print-based collection is coming soon, I swear! Trying to sort this is time-consuming but add in to that the fact that Al and I are both are based in different counties, each of us has a full-time job in Education, that Alex is completing commissions and that I am completing 2x MAs, you can imaging that finalising our collection is…tricky, to say the least.


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