About Us

Oh hey! We’re Alex and Steph, two sisters with a love of art, books, design, food and travel who grew up in the heart of Lancashire. We are also the founders of Carus Creative, a company whose aim is to combine art and words and so create little notes of life and deliver them straight to you lovely people. (Our website is launching soon- please bear with us!)

We adore The Arts; living in Britain means that we have grown up in such a rich culture that appreciates and values music, the theatre, literature, art and dance. You’ll see us blog about our ventures out and about to various events and see that we have quite an eclectic taste!


We are referred to as ‘feeders’ by some of my friends as, like most people, we adore good food, we love cooking for loved ones, entertaining friends and always have some form of food on us as we love a good feed. You’ll soon see for yourselves not only how important good food is to us, but also how much we cherish the social aspect of shared meal times with family and friends.


We have also been incredibly lucky to have travelled to some of the world’s most beautiful, surreal vibrant places, both alone and with those we love. Between us, we have an almost kind of chronic wanderlust and hope that we will never lose that thirst for exploration. Whenever we wander from home though, we are always lucky enough to be able to return back to a loving lil’ bubble of people who we keep close to our hearts.


Like many, our family and friends are my world, without them we wouldn’t be able to function. You’ll learn a bit about them as we go on, but the fact we have launched a business together should give a little hint about the sorts of relationship we have with those closest to us. Like everyone, we dip and have bad days; because of the unconditional love we are shown by those we care about the most, we are able to dust ourselves off, learn and move forward.

Anywho, we have both come a long way over the past few years, so here’s a little more about us, individually.


I’m currently working in the Education sector in Cheshire, having migrated from Lancashire to study English at University down here almost 10 years ago now-what a scary realisation that is!

After Uni, Cheshire couldn’t shake me off. Don’t get me wrong, I will aways adore Lancashire- it is my home and I am proud of the roots I have there and my heritage- but I also love the green and rolling fields of Cheshire. I am fortunate enough to live somewhere that is busy, but also allows me to escape to a green field within 10 minutes, to be in Wales within 15 minutes and to back home in time for tea.IMG_5581

I have always been a writer, but not always had the confidence to publish my work and share with the world. However, this has really changed over recent years as I have become more confident with my writing and I miss it. I miss creating. I miss engaging with the world in the way one does when scribbling away.

So here I am, blogging just for the sheer fun of it. Keywords about me? Family. Friends. Literature. Wine. Education. Design. The Arts. Wine. Culture. Style. Wine. Beauty. Food. Fitness. Laughter. Wine. These are what makes my world… did I mention wine? I hope this is a positive blog where you can while- away some time, and I hope you enjoy reading about my little life as much as I enjoy living it.

Steph x


In short, I throw paint around for a living and am currently teaching the next generation how to do just that. Constructively, of course… It doesn’t need to be just paint, I love pretty much anything which makes a mess. Clay adorned with inks, plaster-of-paris and graphite powder are a particular favourite. To sum up: if you can make and create it, I’m all over it!

I love galleries and museums, whether to visit, work in, or, when I’m fortunate enough, exhibit my own artwork.

I’ll be chipping and writing on this blog also, although you can find more ‘arty’ posts by me on my Arts blog: YouCanKissMyArt.



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